Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks
Here you can find our 71 Promotional Products from the Category Food & Drinks. For example Boda 2-piece coffee set, Transparent, Hyta 0.5L carafe with drinking glass, turquoise, Turquoise, Wine set with chess-game, brown and many more!
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3-piece cocktail set, grey

Promotional product: 3-piece chromed cocktail set in a brown box*. Your logo will be laser engraved...

9.04€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 9.04€

3-piece Cuisine set, solid black,White

Promotional product: 3-piece Cuisine set. This gift set contains every chef's basics; an apron (size..

15.76€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 15.76€

Aluminium nutcracker, silver

Promotional product: Aluminium nut cracker in the shape of a deer; presented in a luxurious gift box..

8.78€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 8.78€

Baylow 4-piece kitchen utensil set with holder, Wood

Promotional product: Baylow 4-piece kitchen utensil set with holder. This set includes a spoon, spat..

7.91€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 7.91€

Bistro wooden serving board, Wood

Promotional product: Bistro wooden serving board. Rustic style serving board. Perfect for sharing fo..

8.98€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 8.98€

Bookstyle Cheese set, Brown

Promotional product: Set of 4 cheese knifes with beech wood handles, suitable for different types of..

6.56€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 6.56€

Cheese board, Various

Promotional product: Cheese board made from wood and glass with two magnetic strips and a parmesan s..

6.38€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 6.38€

Cheese set with slate cutting board, anthracite PREORDER

Cheese set with slate cutting board, anthracite

Promotional product: Cheese set in a sturdy cardboard gift box, with one slate cutting/presentation ..

9.07€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 9.07€

Cheese set with wooden cutting board, beige

Promotional product: Cheese set in a sturdy cardboard gift box, includes a round wooden board and a ..

4.94€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 4.94€

Cheese set, brown

Promotional product: Wooden cheese set consisting of one cheese knife and fork with wooden handles a..

7.36€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 7.36€

Cocktail set, silver

Promotional product: Stainless steel cocktail set with a shaker (350ml), including an ice tong and a..

8.63€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 8.63€

Cocoa chocolate fondue set, black, black

Promotional product: Cocoa chocolate fondue set, black Cocoa is a fondue set that increases the plea..

14.39€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 14.39€

Cres burger-makig set, Silver, solid black

Promotional product: Cres burger-makig set. 3-Piece set includes a hamburger press to create the bes..

11.88€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 11.88€

Cuisine 4-piece utensil set, solid black

Promotional product: Cuisine 4-piece utensil set. Lightweight four-piece kitchen utensil set include..

8.94€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 8.94€

Culi 13-piece amuse-bouche set, solid black,White

Promotional product: Culi 13-piece amuse-bouche set. Amuse bouche set consists of 3 glasses with met..

15.13€ * Ust. 19% Ex Tax: 15.13€

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