Note on battery disposal

Note on battery disposal

Our take-back obligation as a distributor / dealer:

As a dealer, we are legally obliged to take back batteries and rechargeable batteries that you have bought from us free of charge. Please help to keep our environment clean and accept this offer.

Your return obligation as an end user:

Batteries and rechargeable batteries must be disposed of separately and do not belong in the household waste. Since 1998, the Battery Ordinance has obligated all citizens to dispose of used batteries and accumulators exclusively through retailers or the specially established collection points. If you would like to return your batteries to us, we ask that the shipment is sufficiently franked.

Batteries or rechargeable batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed out garbage can.

You will find the chemical designation of the respective pollutant next to the garbage can symbol. These are:

Pb = battery / accumulator contains lead

Cd = battery / accumulator contains cadmium

Hg = battery / accumulator contains mercury


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