Create a personal welcome present for your meeting with personalized gifts! Combine your company logo with individual names of the participants!

Greet the participants of your webinar with a participant box matching the corporate identity. All boxes can be sent to the private addresses of the invited people

Thank you to all your employees or customers by sending you a fully personalized gift that will be delivered to your own home address! The whole thing with a personal note that is wrapped as a gift and sent in your individual shipping box!

Would you like to congratulate your team on the completion of a successful project? A personal gift to each team member enhances the celebration. Everything organized for you! Without logistical or organizational problems!

Make a personal connection

• with a personalized gift

• in customer-specific packaging

• with a personal note or letter

• All delivered individually

• Personally.

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3 pcs brain teaser set, white, blue

Promotional product: White sprayed pine wooden box with 3 different brain puzzles. Packed in black b..

6.400€  Ust. 19%

5 in 1 game set, white, red

Promotional product: 5 in 1 game set including: mikado, playing cards, domino, chess and backgammon...

7.130€  Ust. 19%

Deluxe tumbling tower wood block stacking game, white

Promotional product: How high can you go? See how high you can stack the wooden blocks before they t..

5.700€  Ust. 19%

Deluxe mikado/domino in wooden box, white

Promotional product: Set of two vintage games collected in an MDF box. The box contains Mikado and D..

3.570€  Ust. 19%

Deluxe Tic-Tac-Toe game, white

Promotional product: Bring this 9 piece tic tac toe game with you wherever you go for some classic e..

3.570€  Ust. 19%

Deluxe 3-in-1 board game in wooden box, white PREORDER

Deluxe 3-in-1 board game in wooden box, white

Promotional product: Why get one game when you can play three! This 3 in 1 set of classic board game..

3.570€  Ust. 19%

Wine cooler sleeve, black

Promotional product: Fashionable wine cooler sleeve to chill your wine and keep it at the right temp..

7.130€  Ust. 19%

Eon 2 step corkscrew, black, silver

Promotional product: Eon is the tool for every barman. It’s a stylish, compact and easy to use 2 ste..

4.280€  Ust. 19%

Indoor hover ball, black

Promotional product: Air power soccer with colourful LED. Foam bumper protection keeps it from damag..

5.040€  Ust. 19%

Electric wine opener - battery operated, black

Promotional product: This battery operated electric corkscrew uncorks a bottle of wine with the push..

13.560€  Ust. 19%

Electric wine opener - USB rechargeable, grey

Promotional product: Modern electric corkscrew with innovative 3.6V lithium battery. With built-in b..

21.430€  Ust. 19%

Re-usable stainless steel ice cubes 4pc, silver PREORDER

Re-usable stainless steel ice cubes 4pc, silver

Promotional product: Enjoy your chilled drink with this set of 4 stainless steel ice cubes. The cube..

5.690€  Ust. 19%

Vino Sommelier set 3pc, silver

Promotional product: Have everything you need to open and serve your favourite wines with this 3 pcs..

4.260€  Ust. 19%

Vino Wine chiller stick, silver

Promotional product: This wine chiller stick keeps your pre-cooled wine at optimum drinking temperat..

5.690€  Ust. 19%

Vino Waiters corkscrew, black

Promotional product: This waiters corkscrew is a classic corkscrew design that has a foil cutter bla..

0.990€  Ust. 19%



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